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Insulated, waterproof, easy to carry items, aluminium carry handle, suitable for outdoor picnic food storage.

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Our products have eight series, including storage boxes, dirty clothes baskets, laundry bags, shopping bags, fabric wardrobes, iron shelves, Christmas storage bags and DIY combination cabinets.
As professional OEM Cooler Picnic Basket Company and Custom Picnic Ice Pack Company, We have more than 300 products now, which can meet the storage and shopping needs of users in different regions at all levels. Our Cooler Picnic Basket can effectively clean and beautify the home space to improve the convenience and comfort of life.
Up to now, our company has carried out in-depth cooperation and development with wholesalers and supermarket centralized purchase companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, Brazil and other countries.

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Industry Knowledge Extension

How To Choose A Cooler Picnic Basket Material According To Your Needs?

(1)Insulation: Look for a cooler picnic basket with good insulation, as this will help keep your food and drinks cold. Materials such as foam, vinyl, and polyester are often used for insulation in cooler picnic baskets.

(2)Durability: Consider the durability of the material. You want a basket that can withstand the wear and tear of being carried and used outdoors. Materials such as canvas, polyester, and nylon are known for their durability.

(3)Weight: Think about how much weight you want to carry. If you plan to pack a lot of food and drinks, you may want to consider a lighter material, such as polyester or nylon.

(4)Style: Consider the style and design of the cooler picnic basket. Some materials, such as wicker or rattan, are popular for their classic and traditional look, while others, such as polyester or nylon, are more modern and functional.

(5)Maintenance: Consider how easy the material is to clean and maintain. Materials such as polyester or nylon are often easy to wipe clean, while natural materials like wicker or rattan may require more upkeep.

Why Aluminum Is Better For Picnic Baskets Than Iron?

(1)Lighter weight: Aluminum is much lighter in weight than iron, which makes it easier to carry a picnic basket made from this material. This is especially important for those who plan to carry the basket for longer distances.

(2)Rust-resistant: Aluminum is naturally rust-resistant, which means it won't corrode as easily as iron. This makes it a good choice for outdoor use, as it will be exposed to moisture and humidity.

(3)Better heat conductivity: Aluminum has better heat conductivity than iron, which means it will distribute heat more evenly throughout the picnic basket. This can be important for keeping food and drinks at a consistent temperature.

(4)Easier to clean: Aluminum is non-porous, which means it's less likely to absorb stains or odors from food and drinks. It's also easy to clean, as it can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

(5)More Durable: Aluminum is a more durable material than iron, which means it will last longer and be less likely to dent or scratch.

Therefore, more businesses will choose to manufacture aluminum folding picnic shopping baskets.

Picnic Camping Cooler Bag Ice Pack Has A Wide Range Of Applications

The Picnic Camping Cooler Bag Ice Pack is a versatile accessory that enhances the functionality of your cooler bag during picnics and camping trips. Here are some applications of the ice pack:

(1)Cooling Food and Beverages: The primary application of the ice pack is to keep food and beverages cold and fresh. Place the ice pack in the cooler bag alongside your perishable items to maintain a low temperature and prevent spoilage. It helps preserve the quality and safety of your food, ensuring a pleasant dining experience during your outdoor activities.

(2)Extended Cooling Time: The ice pack helps extend the cooling time of your cooler bag. It works in conjunction with ice cubes or ice packs to maintain a consistently cold environment inside the bag, even in warm weather conditions. This is particularly beneficial for longer picnics or camping trips where access to refrigeration is limited.

(3)Temperature Regulation: The ice pack aids in regulating the internal temperature of your cooler bag. It helps prevent the bag from reaching excessively low or high temperatures, ensuring that your food and beverages stay at a safe and desirable coolness level.

(4)Beverage Chilling: If you're planning to enjoy chilled drinks during your picnic or camping adventure, the ice pack can be used to cool beverages. Place the ice pack in a separate bag or wrap it in a towel, then immerse it in the liquid of your choice. This method helps cool beverages quickly without diluting them as ice cubes would.

(5)Versatile Application: While primarily designed for cooler bags, the ice pack can be used in various other settings. It can be placed in lunch boxes, insulated bags, or even in the freezer to chill small items or cool down drinks without dilution.

Proper handling and storage will help prolong the lifespan of the ice pack, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor adventures.