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  • Handy Laundry Bag SK-H006
  • Handy Laundry Bag SK-H006
Handy Laundry Bag

Handy Laundry Bag SK-H006

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Model SK-H006
Unfolded dimensions 40×25×23
Folded dimensions 42×26×2.5
Material Imitation linen EVA laminate, twine, iron ring
Weight 400
Number of boxes 12
Carton size 43×27×40
Carton volume 0.046
Net weight in boxes 4.8
Gross weight in boxes 5.5
Packaging PE Bags
Minimum order quantity 1200
Number of containers loaded 20' Small 7304
40' Flat 15130
40' High 17739
45 Feet 19836
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